We have a sequence of products you can hire us to produce for you:

  • Tutorial Presentations
  • Strategy Engagement
  • Strategy Delivery
  • Strategy Implementation and Guidance

Tutorial Presentations: Rapid Sustainability Integration is all about knowledge and the power of understanding sustainability. Many people have missed out on learning the basics of ecology, systems dynamics, and other sustainability-related topics. You could spend a lot of time on the web researching the subject, or you could hire us to deliver to you and your team concise, condensed, comprehensive instruction on sustainability. Empowerment and creativity in teams requires familiarity and engagement with the topics, in order to uncover the value of sustainability. Contact us to teach you about the following subjects:

  • Ecological Footprinting
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Design
  • Ecological Regeneration

We can also design custom presentations for your organization.

Strategy Engagement: a half or whole-day exploration and preliminary outline. Meeting with principals and operations staff who have responsibilities for environmental impact drivers. Tutorials on key terms, strategic options landscape, discussion of business trajectory and market concerns. Rudimentary GHG or Footprint measurements. Determination of strategy type. Outline of probable savings and avoidances. Follow up report describing next steps. Approx. $500

Strategy Delivery: Above plus more extensive interviews. Detailed impacts analysis. Matrix development and modeling of project implementations. Exploration of project management. Follow up report detailing next steps and how to integrate into business communications. $1000-$10,000

Strategy Implementation and Guidance: Above plus stakeholder surveys. Matrix testing and proving over time. Market testing over time. Benchmarking and re-evaluation over time. Implementation of prescription and management of subcontracting entities. Regular progress documentation and determining of ongoing value contribution of the strategy. This is a 6-mo. to multi-year engagement with RSI to manage and implement your sustainability strategy. Depending on the size of your business, this is a tens-of-thousands of dollars engagement to have RSI as retainers to integrate sustainability with your operations.