The Process

We have a three-dimensioned process:

Assessment – Analysis – Assembly

We work with you to define a mission for the work with us and some goals. These may change in process. We outline a scope of work and deliverables. The end goal is a Directed Sustainability Strategy which you will use to save money on operations, increase your market position, and reduce risk.

Assessment: let’s measure what you’re doing. Let’s interview the key leaders. Let’s survey the staff, clients, and other stakeholders. We will put your operations into our Manifest Matrix which identifies and quantifies the environmental impact of any number of components of your operation, to the degree and level of detail that you see fit.

But more than just looking at your activities, we want to look at your structure – how is it that you are doing what you’re doing? We want to look at your organizational culture, probe the myths surrounding sustainability and environmental impact which live with you and your team. We want to help you strategically, which is getting at the roots of your systems. What dimensions do people really care about? Where can we find leverage points in the organization’s decision making systems? How can we help create a coordinating body, a self-propelling system to support sustainability action at your firm?

Based on what we learn in the assessment, we analyze what is going on at your firm and come up with aggregate evaluations of environmental impact and future risks based on our proprietary algorithms. This enables us to compare and contrast the environmental footprint your firm is making. By tweaking the model represented by the matrix, we can futurecast possible scenarios of your business in X years.

Our analysis continues into your organizational structure, to compare your patterns of behavior with best-in-class entities. How can your firm become a learning organization? How can you develop new feedback mechanisms between service or product design, delivery, and customers or external stakeholders? How can you capture environmental performance information to help your business decisions gain from sustainability?

After all this probing, interviewing, measuring and evaluating, we will assemble a comprehensive strategic plan. Our aim is to create a new pattern of information and decision-making which will help keep you on the rewarding path of sustainability. Considering what we know about operations and market position now, and what the modeling unveils, we will work with you to identify the most relevant and rewarding actions to pursue. Based on your existing business planning, we will map these actions into your future. You will have a Directed Sustainability Strategy which incorporates new knowledge, best practices, and prudent priorities into your business.

We can identify partners to engage for components of your strategy’s implementation, and we can serve as project managers for the whole process going forward. The idea is to rapidly integrate sustainability into your operation. We want you to be able to say you are doing all you reasonably can to reduce your environmental impact and maximise your corporate social responsibility. Your customers will notice and reward you with renewed loyalty.