Practically any home can become a regenerative structure. Instead of bringing electricity and heating energy in from a utility, your home could be a net energy generator into the grid. A portion of the food you eat could come from your backyard or your roof. Some of your waste could be processed on-site. Water from the rain could provide you with some if not all of your needs. There are many possibilities.

If you have agreed that the next big thing you want to “eco-fy” is your home, let us get together with you. We can help you streamline the process, prioritize component goals and sequence the project so you can see a positive return on investment. We can help with grants, utility programs, contractor selection and design.

One of our first projects was a deep energy retrofit for a large home in Cambridge, Mass. We believe that there are thousands, if not millions, of homes which could under go a deep energy retrofit and become regenerative buildings. Our communities need these systems in place as soon as possible!