Commercial Real Estate

One of our major practice areas is greening buildings. You have probably already heard about LEED and Energy Star – two of the evaluation systems we use. Any real estate portfolio has opportunities to improve its environmental performance. The results will be savings on operating costs, increased retention of tenants, reduced regulatory and market risk and essentially: higher value for the asset.

Using our tools to create an assessment and analysis, we can work with owners, managers and end-users to craft a multi-year strategy to transition legacy building stock to superior, high-performance workspace. Tenant satisfaction goes up, costs go down, building value increases, planet is happier. It’s all good.

Don’t just take our word for it – here are some resources:

  • Video: LEED Building rating system – learn in 3 minutes the basics of LEED
  • The USGBC – US Green Building Council – the most comprehensive green building organization is reaching out to the commercial real estate sector
  • CBRE Commercial Real Estate green efforts – CBRE has over 70M s.f. under management enrolled in the Energy Star program
  • Energy STAR – the US EPA’s flagship program for energy efficiency in buildings

Get in touch with us and we can map out a strategy so you can embrace sustainability in your real estate portfolio and increase the value of your assets.