Grey Lee LEED AP (MSc, London School of Economics) is a seasoned sustainability professional coming from the deep ecology and agriculture sectors. With a background in real estate, he focuses on finding hidden ROI in building efficiency measures. He is ready to guide your process and implement your sustainability strategy as a facilitator and en-visioner.

Garth Goldstein (MArch. University of Michigan) knows everything there is about green buildings and ecological design. His background ranges from resorts that re-build beach habitat to urban “arcologies” which generate more food and energy than their occupants require. Garth continuously finds opportunities to move design toward sustainability, and makes sure you enjoy the process.

Benny Lee (MS Tufts Urban Environmental Policy) has spent years in sustainability ranging from investigating sustainable purchasing, geothermal power, to toxics reduction and brownfield mitigation. Based in the Mission of San Francisco, his work at RSI is focused on supply-chain assessments and procurement adjustment.


Michael Crowley (MS Schumacher College) works with our clients considering their green building, commissioning, and environmental compliance issues. He has worked in the green building industry since 2001, having served as the Assistant Director of the Harvard Green Campus Initiative among other positions.

Adam D. Hyde (MS Schumacher College) has a background in consumer products sustainability scoring and international development. He consults on a variety of energy, product, and sustainability governance issues and supplies basic goods to the local food system with his wife and son at their Sunnyside Road Farm east of Portland, OR .